10 Longest serving Governors in post-U.S. Constitutional period

Would you believe that the longest serving Governor in the history of our country in the post-U.S. Constitutional period is still in office as we create this list? Some names on this list may be known to us, but most of these despite their yeoman's service, are all but forgotten. Take a look at these wonderful people.
Governor Terry Branstad
Served: 1983-1999, 2011-Present Length of Service: 21years 9 months 4 days, 7953 days State: Iowa Party: Republican The Republican Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has the honor of serving his state for the longest time. His first tenure was 1983 to 1999 and after mounting a comeback in 2010 where he won a three-way primary and then defeated the Democratic Incumbent, he started his next run in 2011 which is still ongoing.

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