Amazing off the road holiday destinations in the US

When we think about America we see an expanse of land that covers a desert, many mountains, numerous lakes and wonderful people. All of these bounties of nature combine to create places that our breath away. Sometimes by the natural beauty and sometimes by the warmth and hospitality of the people involved. We have picked some locations that will surely be an ideal destination for an idyllic travel. whatever your fancy. Click on Next Side under the first image to start the slideshow.
Natchez, Mississippi
Natchez is a one-stop refresher course of Southern history, the good, the bad and of course the ugly. It is the place where the old south lived in all its myriad manifestations. As is common in the South, you get to see stately Antebellum homes, some in the heart of large plantations. As for the ugly, you see the Forks of the Roads market which, till 1863 was the most active market for enslaved Africans in the whole of Mississippi. If you walk by the the harborside you will feel the distant memory of pioneers and frontiersmen arriving at a waterside town where gamblers, smugglers and pimps roamed the streets. You can also go out to see the remains of the sites that existed before the Western world established - Native American villages and ceremonial sites which were wiped off the map and unfortunately at times even off mention in history.

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