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Donald Trump is an ignorant man and that is putting it mildly. He has been at the helm of things for close to 100 days and he has reversed the decision of Barack Obama when it comes to Paris Declaration. This is the worst that can happen to the pla...Read this

Students of UC Berkeley have threatened to sue the university if the university does not find an appropriate time and venue for Ann Coulter to speak. This has come after UC Berkley cancelled a proposed lecture by Ann Coulter which she was supposed t...Read this

Occupy Democrats broke a story recently: Tim Nolan, a local Republican political figure and the former chair of the Trump campaign for Campbell County, Kentucky, has been arrested and charged with “felony human trafficking of a minor, felony induc...Read this

Hillary has just gone on a tirade that Donald Trump and his presidency is making the country unsafe for the LGBTQ community. This is as baseless and false as possible. Not one legislation has been passed that adversely effects the LGBTQ community. ...Read this

UC Berkeley has admitted that should there be a speaker at the campus that does not toe the lines of the Liberals it is likely that the Liberals will turn violent. This is the first time any university has openly blamed Liberal Students of being int...Read this

Liberals who are not just sore losers but mean losers (Losers nevertheless), have found a new past time to show how quick witted and smart they are. All it is showing, instead how disrespectful and intolerant they are. Given their attitude it almos...Read this

We all know that De Blasio and Trump despite being New Yorkers do not share any ideas o ideologies. In fact, De Blasio has been one of the most vocal critic of Donlad Trump. Now, admidst the growing demands of Trump showing his tax returns, De Blasi...Read this

As Donald Trump botches up everything going on the world... Turkey is fast on the track of becoming a dictatorship. As a moderate islamic nation turkey stood out because it balanced being a Islamic country and being a country of impeccable Human Rig...Read this

When Trump started his campaign for the President of the United States his big pitch was - "I will make great deals." Of course, he lied. His first big challenge on international front should have been North Korea but he reached there via Syria and...Read this

Now, Alex Jones, who is embroiled in a bitter custody battle with his wife, has more skeletons tumbling out of his closet. His wife has just made allegations that Alex Jones wanted not just to break the neck of Alec Baldwin but wanted Jlo to be rape...Read this

Donald Trump has failed at whatever he has tried. Be it healthcare reforms or building the wall. In fact he has not had any of the endless victories that he promised on the campaign trail. All that he has to show for his first 100 days is conflicts ...Read this

The world is getting more unstable by the minute. In Russia the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Iran and Syria are meeting and there may be a new coalition developing. WHY IS TRUMP DOING THIS? Trump has been largely unsuccessful in his Presidency till...Read this

Steve Bannon is angry with Jared Kushner and is taking no prisoners. He tore into Kushner calling him a “cuck” and a “globalist” during a time of high tension between the two top aides, several Trump administration officials told The Daily Be...Read this

Scarlett Johansson just tore into Ivanka Trump implying that she does not mind Sexual Predators taking advantage of women. Citing her admiration for her father a self-professed Pussy-grabber and now of Bill O'Reilly, who is yet to be condemned by Iv...Read this

As per reports coming in, Steve Bannon has said, and doubled down on his claim that Jared Kushner is a Cuckold, a term used for someone whose wife is playing outside the marriage. Whether this is just an amplification of "hen Pecked " Husband or if ...Read this

The one reason that every Democratic respresntative will offer is -¨They were the one that started with the SCOTUS madness. By blocking Obamaś Nominee¨ I know this statement well. I should... I am sure I invented it!! Well, not really, I am sure ...Read this

Trump's loss in getting his healthcare "reforms" through has opened up a can of worms that will eat through his presidency. Trump is not a conventional anything, that is just what has brought him to the White House. He was not a conventional busines...Read this

Sears and K Mart owners have just come up with a startling revelation - they are on the verge of closing down!! Sears, which made a lot of sound and fury about dropping Donald Trump Products (although they still have his prefumes listed!) are going ...Read this

FBI Director James Comey is going to testify on Russian Hacking issue and it will not be very pretty a sight for Donald Trump. As he has always maintained privately, Comey is supposed to debunk all the claims of Donald Trump. The key question right n...Read this

Trump is giving a new meaning to the term Nepotism. He has already filled the white house with his family in one capacity or the other and now he is rewarding the family of his supporters and close confidants. He is starting this by appointing George...Read this