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The exit of Steve Bannon is perhaps the most significant development of Trump presidency. No matter what has happened till now, this is arguably the point of inflection so far as the direction of the white house goes. All the noise about Russia, wh...Read this

Finally after an agonizing wait for more details on the Barcelona attack is over. The man driving the car has been named and he is the brother of Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old Moroccan. The name of the drive is Moussa Oukabir and he is just 18 years...Read this

There is too much hate on either side. Just as there can be no justification for extremist behavior on the right, there should not be a normalization of hate coming from the left. Yesterday a bizarre but true thing happened. Missouri State Senator ...Read this

History is a great teacher, they say. History repeats itself, they say. History has a tendency to be unkind to losers, they say. What we are seeing in America is a "blackalsh" against the symbols of slavery that are still around. But, it is only ag...Read this

There are many statues across the United States that are an affront to the African-American community. Do you know that you celebrate salve owners and must have at least one of their photographs in your house? Take out your fifty dollar bill and loo...Read this

As per reports coming in, there is a hostage situation in the city of Hilversum. Information as of yet is still sketchy but we do know that a woman has been taken hostage by an armed gunman in the building used by radio station 3FM. Dutch police are...Read this

When Barack Obama was just a senator from Illinois, he sounded a lot like what Trump does on the matter of illegal immigration and we have the video proof for the same. To quote him exactly ... the need to better secure the border and to punish em...Read this

As we reported earlier, there has been a terrorist attack in Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. Although it has not been officially confirmed, it is suspected that Islamist extremists are behind this cowardly and inhuman attack. Till las...Read this

Donald Trump, our dear President, does have a “Big Heart”. This has not been noticed by the Liberals, though. No matter what he has done for the sake of America ever since he has became the President, Liberals have always tried to show President...Read this

Since Donald Trump took office, he has been taking unexpected decisions that are irrelevant. Till now no one is satisfied under his presidency as he is completely out of control and most of his actions show that he is not in his senses. We all kn...Read this

We have often talked about the delusions that the Liberals have been under. One of the delusions that they operate under is that unless you have an anti-Trump handle or profile picture you cannot be right or truthful. The only way you can be truthfu...Read this

Mark Ruffalo is listed as a Humanitarian on Wikipedia. The definition of Humanitarian is "concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare." The keyword being human. He just debunked his humanitarian credentials with a simple tweet that read:  ...Read this

There has been a lot of talk about how discrimination works in the US and in the light of the recent shooting of the Republican congressmen during a baseball match, this has become a topic worth being explored. When Donald Trump came to power there ...Read this

The most revealing thing we have come to know since the election of President Trump is that Liberals are like X-Men. They have powers we never thought were awarded to mortals by God. 1. They know things that have not happened in this timeline They k...Read this

Donald Trump, President of US is well known for his outstanding decisions be it in business life or in politics. What other people think does not affect Trump. He is the man of his words and can do anything which will contribute towards the welfare ...Read this

Although Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters almost every day from the past two months has been shouting that the President Donald Trump should be impeached, she has been contradicting herself saying that she never said something like that. Accord...Read this

Hillary Clinton completely downplayed the significance of the controversy surrounding her private e-mail server during a panel discussion at the Code Conference in California on Wednesday. “The use of my e-mail account was turned into, you know, th...Read this

You all have heard the new media story that Melania and Donald’s marriage is in trouble? It’s another media lie based on nothing but a finger flick when Melania pushed away – as wives often do – Trump’s hand. The story went viral all aroun...Read this

Five policemen were killed on thursday while investigating a suicide bombing attack near a busy Jakarta bus station. This is another heart breaking incident right after the Manchester tragedy. Till reports came in Indonesia's elite anti-terror squad...Read this

A group of graduates at Notre Dame University organized a boycott of Pence’s commencement speech. Several hundred students turned their backs on Pence when he walked on stage. However, one girl made a powerful statement most people failed to reco...Read this