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Donald Trump, our dear President, does have a “Big Heart”. This has not been noticed by the Liberals, though. No matter what he has done for the sake of America ever since he has became the President, Liberals have always tried to show President...Read this

Since Donald Trump took office, he has been taking unexpected decisions that are irrelevant. Till now no one is satisfied under his presidency as he is completely out of control and most of his actions show that he is not in his senses. We all kn...Read this

We have often talked about the delusions that the Liberals have been under. One of the delusions that they operate under is that unless you have an anti-Trump handle or profile picture you cannot be right or truthful. The only way you can be truthfu...Read this

Mark Ruffalo is listed as a Humanitarian on Wikipedia. The definition of Humanitarian is "concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare." The keyword being human. He just debunked his humanitarian credentials with a simple tweet that read:  ...Read this

There has been a lot of talk about how discrimination works in the US and in the light of the recent shooting of the Republican congressmen during a baseball match, this has become a topic worth being explored. When Donald Trump came to power there ...Read this

The most revealing thing we have come to know since the election of President Trump is that Liberals are like X-Men. They have powers we never thought were awarded to mortals by God. 1. They know things that have not happened in this timeline They k...Read this

Donald Trump, President of US is well known for his outstanding decisions be it in business life or in politics. What other people think does not affect Trump. He is the man of his words and can do anything which will contribute towards the welfare ...Read this

Although Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters almost every day from the past two months has been shouting that the President Donald Trump should be impeached, she has been contradicting herself saying that she never said something like that. Accord...Read this

Hillary Clinton completely downplayed the significance of the controversy surrounding her private e-mail server during a panel discussion at the Code Conference in California on Wednesday. “The use of my e-mail account was turned into, you know, th...Read this

You all have heard the new media story that Melania and Donald’s marriage is in trouble? It’s another media lie based on nothing but a finger flick when Melania pushed away – as wives often do – Trump’s hand. The story went viral all aroun...Read this

Five policemen were killed on thursday while investigating a suicide bombing attack near a busy Jakarta bus station. This is another heart breaking incident right after the Manchester tragedy. Till reports came in Indonesia's elite anti-terror squad...Read this

A group of graduates at Notre Dame University organized a boycott of Pence’s commencement speech. Several hundred students turned their backs on Pence when he walked on stage. However, one girl made a powerful statement most people failed to reco...Read this

New Yorkers were startled last week to see, in downtown Manhattan, Melissa McCarthy in full Sean Spicer drag, driving a press lectern through mid-day traffic. A few seconds of the spectacle were used on last Saturday’s SNL sketch, but “Saturday N...Read this

Gloria Steinem recently said in an interview that the “fundamental cause of climate change” was women being forced to give birth to unwanted children. Allie Stuckey used this Millennial Moment to passionately refute the famous feminist’s unver...Read this

It is surmised best by the statement of Senator Patty Murray who called the health care panel's work "a secret health care plan, which I really hope is not happening in the men's locker room." The thirteen member panel has no female members and it i...Read this

A lot of people have spoken about AHCA and how it will affect the sick and the poor. There is another player that one has to think about in order to understand the injustice that AHCA is going to be. That player is the Hospital where the treatment h...Read this

In 2017 there were 3 providers in the Iwoa Obamacare market. Today, the chances are even the last standing insurance provider is pulling out. This, while the liberal media is hell bent on letting us know what a resounding success Obamacare is. I am ...Read this

Donald Trump is trying to get his next version of healthcare bill through. This could just be the best news for Democrats and they are not looking at this as the long term solution of the issues being faced by the country. Democrats have a rather lo...Read this

In this era of Judicial activism the judges are either Liberal or conservative. Well, not all of them. There is one judge who has always embrased logic and has voted liberal as well as conservative based on what he believes should be the correct int...Read this

One of the favorite line that a journalist can speak these days is "Trump's hostility towards press." Nowhere in any article that uses this phrase will you find the phrase "Media's hateful coverage of Trump." Trump is only paying back in kind what h...Read this