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In a BREATHTAKING exposé of corruption, Reuters just busted Trump for profiting off the pension funds of seniors in no less than 7 U.S. states. This is the most egregious example of Trump using the presidency for personal gain, and consequently, he’s in DIRECT violation of the Constitution!
Here’s what we know so far about this damning revelation. Public pension funds in Arizona, California, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New York, and Texas are paying into a real estate fund that’s responsible for funding Condominium in Manhattan and Trump SoHo Hotel. Both properties are being operated by one of Trump’s private companies.
So that means Trump has a direct financial pipeline from seniors in seven different states straight into his pockets. Have you EVER heard of an American president doing anything this corrupt?
Thus far, these pension funds have pumped MILLIONS of dollars into Trump International Hotels Management LLC. Well, it looks like the Pumpkin King’s supporters were right: Trump is LITERALLY turning America into his own personal business.
Fordham University law professor Jed Shugerman says this is the clearest example yet of Trump violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which bars federal officials from profiting off their government jobs. “If you take a step back and look at this transaction, it’s a payment chain from state pension funds to President Trump,” Shugerman said.
And it’s not just Shugerman who is sounding the alarm, either. Reuters also interviewed five other Constitution experts and all five of them said Trump’s pension scheme breaks the “constitutional rule prohibiting the flow of money from states to the pockets of a sitting president.”
THIS is what the free press is all about. Reuters has clearly exposed Trump once again as heading up the most corrupt administration in American history.
The pension funds of these seniors should NOT be directly lining the Pumpkin King’s pockets. This is an obscene conflict of interest, yet Republicans will surely have nothing to say about it.
The American people deserve a hell of a lot better than a corrupt autocrat who strips the resources of the nation to fatten his own bank account. This kind of brazen corruption has NO PLACE in the Oval Office.
Do you think this is just more evidence of Trump’s insatiable greed? Is he using the presidency for financial gain?
Please let us know where you stand! Only you have the power to make your voice count!
There’s no word in the English language that’s negative enough to accurately describe the abuses of the Trump and his cronies. But we’ll try: he is a blight on the integrity of our nation, a traitor to the American people, and a walking, talking cringe-a-thon.
Trump’s abuse of power must NOT go unpunished. Impeachment is a political process, so we in the Resistance can speed up that process by raising awareness and by taking Trump to trial in the court of public opinion.
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