Don't Underestimate Trump

  • September 28, 2016
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A few days ago I wrote that Trump is closing on Hillary in the polls, yet people still keep underestimating him just as they did when he announced his candidacy. Just as I did. We all did. Nobody believed Trump could win any votes or even become the presumptive Republican nominee. We all thought it’s a big joke. But we were wrong about that. Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee, and he will almost certainly run against Hillary Clinton.
Trump has many advantages over Hillary and areas where he could strongly push her. He is a great salesman, and he is an outsider running against an establishment Washington insider in an outsider’s year. Both him and Bernie are seen as outsiders and the two of them got huge excitement over their about their campaigns. Hillary has trouble generating genuine excitement about her campaign, and a lot of her voters vote for her because she is their best option, not the best option. Trump is the opposite of that.
His supporters love him, and are very loyal to him. He is loved by his fans, and they will do anything for him. He even once said he could shoot someone at Fifth Avenue and his supporters will stay loyal to him. That’s probably not true, but it comes to show how loyal his supporters are. His rallies are packed full with hundreds of thousands of people who love him and everything he stands for. Hillary, on the other hand, hosts some fundraisers with a few dozen millionaires.
They are incredibly different candidates, and in a year like we had this year, Trump could cause very serious trouble for Clinton. She stands for everything he is against; she is the opposite of him. And we cannot underestimate him again.
When Trump announced his candidacy, we all laughed. When he started winning primaries, we said he will fall soon. But that never happened, and he continued dominating. And now people are doing the same mistake. He will run against Hillary, and he will do things we never saw or thought possible in an election. He will do anything to win.
Trump is now closing in on Hillary in the polls, and people have got to stop underestimating him before it’s too late. And it’s already too late.
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