Obama Is Right: Hillary Has No Right To Become The POTUS

  • November 13, 2016
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Donald Trump just found a surprise ally in his fight against Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama. Back on the heels of her now famous statement about the Basket of Deplorable, Donald Trump just made Barack Obama’s word work against Hillary by simply retweeting something that Obama thought would be a kill shot at Donald Trump. It has turned into the last nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for POTUS.
Donald Trump has been attacked for leaving out half of Americans. Which was surprising because he has never done that. All he has done is spoken against “illegal immigrants” who are technically not Americans and have been in the crosshairs of Obama administration for a large part of his presidency. There is not one instance when he has spoken against a vast majority of Americans, not one. He spoke about a Mexican Heritage Judge but that was an individual. He spoke against 16 opponents but then, they were not really singing praises of Trump either. He spoke against Hillary but so did a seasoned politician and social worker like Bernie Sanders.
Hillary on the other hand called half of Trump’s supporters deplorable. Considering how many votes he won in the primaries, this will include a large part of the population. Now, let us look at this in some detail – Dr. Ben Carson cannot be racist but can be homophobic so he is deplorable, Chris Christie can be both racist and deplorable and Peter Thiel may be absolved of homophobic tag but he can be considered a racist. Well, it will be very tough to differentiate a deplorable from an acceptable in the list of Trump Supporters. That is what Hillary has done, she has painted a large part of America as culprit and shamed the country in front of the whole world.
Imagine President Hillary Clinton speaking to an Arab leader – “Well, now you have to give voting and driving rights to the ladies and stop prosecuting and persecuting the gays.” And his reply is, “madam President, first give me a statistics of how many deplorables have you been able to convert to acceptable before you sermon us.” Not going too well.
She has essentially given an ammunition to Putin to hit back when we talk about his track record with homosexuals. He can show us her comments as defense.
This is a very murky situation and we need to make sure that someone who has such low view of a large part of our population does not get to be our President and Obama agrees with us. Take a look at his tweet again.
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