Trump And The Hate In The Society

One of the most significant moment in the 60 minutes interview was the answer to the question on same-sex marriage. This has been a fear that has been widespread in the society considering that Mike Pence, the Vice-President-elect, is a devout Christian and has been against abortion and same-sex marriage.
When Donald Trump said that he was not going to revisit the laws regarding the same-sex marriage there was a sigh of relief across the nation for all the LGBTQ citizens who were getting ready for the impending doom. There is no another way than to you use the analogy of the proverbial bullet being dodged.
Sometimes, these fears are instilled and if not instilled then at least amplified by the media. I find the media playing a dangerous game with the unity of our country right now. The way Donald Trump is being attacked for his “expected follies” is as amusing as it is dangerous.
Not once has Donald Trump said a word against the African-American community and still he is being called an anti-African-American. There are two cases being brought out against him. One is an old case when he did not rent his buildings to African-Americans in the late 70s or somewhere thereabout. The fact is, as a landlord you looked towards the most paying customers and complied with their wishes. Back in the days, there was an active bias against the African-Americans and most white folks renting flats looked for a building where African-American population was less or better still not present altogether.
It is as if we go back into time and find businessmen who were complying with the compulsions of their times. Then we hold them accountable today by taking things out of context. It is like opening up old wounds and taking the society back to a narrative that can do no good for the future.
The second case is Stop and Frisk. Now, stop and frisk does happen more often to People of color but guess what – most random checks on airport immigration happen to either brown people or people with Mohammad in their name. That is the fact of the land – people do tend to associate race with acts. Is it racist? Yes. Is it a good excuse to abolish checks on Immigration counters on airport? No.
This is a strange situation and the media has been amplifying the rhetoric from both sides and it is not adding to anything we will benefit by.
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