The Absent Father - A Harsh Reality

Why is our community at the lowest rung of social strata? Why is that we are not doing any better despite more opportunities than ever before? Is it racism that is keeping us down? Can we really blame everything wrong with our community on external factors?
How is a community formed? Is it the individuals that make a community? Who takes a generation forward? Is it an individual.
No, it is the family that brings a community forward, year after year, decades after decades, generations after generation. This is the area where our black communities are lacking. I can back it up with both emotional and statistical fact.
The statistics of Black Family (or lack of it)
The highest percentage of college going kids are from Asian communities. On the other hand amongst the lowest are from Hispanic and Black communities. The Asian community in the US has the lowest percentage of nonmarital births. Only 16.4 percent of Asians and Pacific Islanders are born into a family where both the parents are not actively responsible for the child. On the other end of the spectrum, Hispanics have a nonmarital birth rate of 53 percent and the blacks a staggering 70.6 percent!! Do you think this should have some impact on how the child grows up or should we throw statistics out of the window and keep on repeating that nothing but racism is keeping us down?
Let us look at prison data and let me tell you up front this is a combined data and not racially distilled. In the year 1987 a study called "Survey of Youth in Custody" found that 70% incarcerated Americans did not grow up with both parents. There was a similar study undertaken in 1994, although this time only of Wisconsin juveniles, and it showed that only 13% grew up with their married parents. We are not trying to say that a single parent cannot be an exemplary role model for a child. However, there is a problem if the statistical data is this badly skewed.
The simple fact is, staggering numbers of Hispanic and black children face a degree of family stress and uncertainty. Therein comes the emotional factor beyond the statistics - the emotional factor.
The anger of a single parent child
It is a heartbreaking position to be in as a child - to see your mother or father struggle with money, social issues and balancing loving you and feeding you. Sometimes it becomes your strength and at times more often than we would like to admit it fills you with a lot of anger.
Ours is a segregated society, not just racially, but also economically. The chances of a rich black kid becoming friends with another rich black kid or even a rich white kid are much higher than their chance of becoming a close friend of a poor black kid.
The blatant show of wealth across the media and the obvious poverty that they live in day in and day out pushes the children towards an angry youth. This is further compounded by the fact that many of these fathers are not absent by choice - they have either been killed or are in long term prison sentences for minor crimes.
This circle has to break. At least one generation has to stand up and say - we are done being angry and done passing this anger on to our kids. One generation has to stand up and take responsibility for educating their children. Yes, I know those inner cities have sub standard schools and do not really churn out employable youths. Yes, I know that the challenges for the Black communities across the US are insurmountable. It is also a fact that we have more White-folks ready to stand beside us than ever before in our history.
Instead of standing with our white friends on the street protesting let us bring them back to our communities and open more educational institutes to facilitate a "Home Schooling" environment. It takes a village to bring up a child but our village is too busy protesting to actually channel that anger, that energy and that focus on issues that can not just highlight our issue, but solve them!!
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