Don Trump Jr Attacks Hillary

Today Donald Trump Jr. (Spawn of Devil as we refer to him in the office or simply 'The Spawn') went on to twitter today and attacked Hillary Clinton for not speaking out sooner on the Harvey Weinstein murk.
Well, he should make up his mind. One one hand the whole of the right expects her to stay silent and fade away and then, on the other hand, they want her to speak on every issue that suits their narrative. Here is what he tweeted.
Also, as a sideshow, his father and his access Hollywood tape are not going anywhere. And surprise, he has yet to give a categoric statement except defend his father for "locker room talk". Well, he was taken to task by people who make him look a fool that he is.
Remember, Hillary is a private citizen now and she is not "obligated" to speak on any issues that she does not want to. She could have been faster in her response but unlike Trump who took too long by Presidential standards in denouncing the Nazis.
What is your take on this?
G: F!
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