Catalonia Gets Ready To Leave Spain, Why Not Calexit?

This is not a complex question as many would have you believe, it is a rather simple issue. People of California feel that they do not have too many shared values with the rest of the US. They can hardly be considered guilty for feeling like this.
Okay, let us imagine that California gets to carry out a referendum for independence. Now, let us say the result is the same as in the case of Catalonia. Who is the big winner and who is the big loser?
California has tech giants who pay heavy taxes and also Hollywood that collects money from all over the world and pumps it into Los Angeles. California has a thriving tourism industry and it has a large population of well educated and a large population of low-cost workers. California will be a winner all the way.
Also, the world is moving towards smaller countries with nations getting divided one at a time. With perhaps the major exception of Germany, there has never been a real consolidation of two nations.
I would like to end by quoting something that has been lying in my scrapbook for a long time.
As for how California itself would fare as a country, it would fare beautifully. An independent California would be a 40 million person country, about the size of Canada, with the world’s sixth largest economy, just larger than France. Their independence would only make things better, likely leading to an influx of smart people, a significant increase in outside investment, and the removal of the burden of subsidizing the rest of the US (Yes California lays out an extensive list of reasons Calexit would be good for California). As far as defense goes—would you want to fuck with a country with the world’s best drones, robots, tech weapons, missile defense systems, and cyberattack abilities? No one would dare attack California.
As for the rest of the US, we’d be fine. It would be a GDP blow, but nothing the US couldn’t handle. Elections would be surprisingly unaffected—if you took California’s electoral votes out of every presidential election result of the past century…not one election would have come out differently.2 Presumably, the US and California would have a super close, friendly relationship, because of the shared history and culture and because it would be in both countries’ best interest to get along. So an American would probably be able to cross the border into California without any visa requirement or other hassle, and vice versa. There could be mutually-beneficial agreements around things like trade, water imports, and a shared military. Likewise, while the US would be losing a key coastline and port to the Pacific, I’m sure there would be an agreement in place that would allow the US easy access to what it needed.
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